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                                                             updated:  July 29

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                                                   and invitations as well as corrections.


            Haley will be turning 21 on June 1, 2015. The following week is the
       CMA Music Fest in Nashville, TN. As of right now, tickets are estimated
       at about $177 for the fest, Thurs., June 11- Sun., June 14
*. Gas
       is currently estimated at about $60 one way*. Hotels will be booked
       soon, so we need to start thinking ASAP!


            Let me know if you're interested so we can get the ball rolling and
       figure out how many cars, tickets, and rooms we will need!
                                                      Thank you,

                            *Gas estimation was done using Margaret's car, all highway miles
                                     going 447 miles from Kankakee to Nashville. The trip is an estimated

                                        6 and a half hours. If Martine and Margaret drive, were looking at
                                                                       about a 5 hour drive ;).                                                                          

  *  Heads up: Relay 2015 is June 13-14!_____________________________________________________________________________



                                    Celebrate Samantha and Patrick!
                They are planning a July 25, 2015 wedding. More details to follow.


                                                            *  *  *

                Congratulations go to Elliott and Jorie (aka "Jelly") on their engagement!
                           They are planning an August 22, 2015 wedding @
              a very special location ...not sure if venue may be divulged yet.


           Check out Ben's new bicycling website:       



                                              GOOD LUCK

                               Sam has taken a teaching job in Brooklyn.
                             He will teach  Social Studies at a charter school.
                         In fact, he leaves for NY a few days after the wedding!

                        Sam has changed a bit.



Hooray for Taylor who has signed with
 Murray State in Kentucky. She's officially a Racer!

She will run track for this Division 1 school.



A message from Rachel & Sam to those planning to attend their wedding in August:

Hi friends and family,

The whole wedding thing is continuing to get more real by the day and Sam and I have been trying to figure out ways we can celebrate all the awesome people in our life who are living married life to the fullest (and setting a fine example for us). Sam and I would like to honor our community by sharing photos of your big day at our big day. 
If you'd like to share a moment from your own wedding, please send us (or drop off) a framed photo before mid-July. We're especially excited about some of the family photos, which, well, we've seen one in which Martine and her husband are magically floating above their own ceremony. You will be able to reclaim your photo when you come to the wedding. 
Send to: 2002 NE 12th Ave, Apt 2/Portland, OR 97212
love you,



                      Congratulations go to Sam & Rachel...

                                          who are getting married in August!

(police sketch artist interpretation of the happy moment of engagement)
        Check out the happy couple's web site for more info:




                  Remember to congratulate these students!


                                     HONOR ROLL

                                                                   4th nine weeks:


                         Grace  7th

                         Sophie 4th

                         Lillie 1st

                         Hannah Kdg

                         Thomas 1st

                         Abby 1st

                              Email Jill and see YOUR name here!



                                          Please keep the following people
                                                     in your thoughts & prayers:

Abram Daily (Jackie Ciaccio Daily's younger son) was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in May.
                                       He will undergo surgery (8-12 hours) on Tuesday, June 17. Pray for the family.

                                        June 17: Surgery went well. Abram is waiting to hear the drs' plan.

                                        July 15: drs pleased with Abram's test results thus far;  waiting for spinal tap results (week of July 21-25)
                                                      which will determine how the drs will proceed


Linda Grace (Tony LaBue's girlfriend) did not receive the news she'd hoped for this week regarding her
                                       cancer treatments. She will begin a more aggressive chemo regiment immediately. (April 28)

                                       June 29: Linda recently had scans done and it appears she will just be back on maintenance chemo!
                                                She  is delighted with this news. In fact, she is able to cover a maternity leave at Limestone Oct-Dec.


Zayla Mitsdarffer (Grace's friend/Bryan Carlson's cousin): is still receiving chemo treatments
                                                       which make her very sick. Keep thinking good thoughts for her. (Dec. 2013)

                                    BEST  NEWS EVER! (April 2014) At a recent check up in Chicago, Zayla
                                    learned that doctors could not find the tumor in her brain! 


 Bill Rooney  was diagnosed with cancer (summer 2010). Muggs recently
                                     spoke with him, and the news was not good. (November 2013)    

                                         April 2014: Bill is very, very ill.  Johnny visited him in Charleston recently

                                         July 15: Muggs reports (after visiting Bill in the hospital last week) that Bill is now
                                                         home and very, very ill. A friend next door is caring for him.



Suzanne   (Jill & Kurt's sister) is a 1-year cancer survivor!  (Jan 2014)                                                                                                                ___________________________________________________________________________

Courtney Kellogg's struggle to beat cancer continues. She is fighting hard!
                                                               (Thanks for the update, Gretchen.(April 2013) ____________________________________________________________________________

Muggs continues to do well!
                                       July 2014:
most recent test results were great


Dave Senesac has returned to his home! His wife and a nephew help him
                                          with the day to day stuff. He loves visitors. (Dec. 2012)


Haley continues to experience severe complications with her teeth.
                                                 THIS KID NEEDS OUR PRAYERS!




                      Check out Cynthia's photo site: